Saturday, 12 March 2011

Jill Flower - Mixed media and textile artist:

Still trying to work this computer out.....
have had a very topsy-turvy week, just completed a couple of workshops,at my home studio and at Winchester and Worthing. I hope with some 'geek' teaching to be able to show the ladies work ( with their kind permission)
Shortly, I will be visiting Chelmsford , Essex and a School locally (Guildford) as the visiting artist to help the children complete a community project , their work will be on exhibition in the Summer.....more about this in a few weeks.
But the topsy-turvy feeling and lack of concentration(unable to conquer the image/computer problems!) is due to the fact my son is at University in Japan....we have all been 'shaken & strirred' by the news and images.
 Thankfully we have made contact and Andrew is safe & well.
The Students of the College sound amazing as they offered their help and assistance immediately, and are now raising funds for the victims of the Earthquake/Tsumami.
One proud mum!
Now I'm going to see if I push the right button this may get on to the BLOG (I've written this SO many times!!)


  1. So pleased to hear your son is safe. I know how traumatic it can feel waiting for news.

  2. Hello I popped over from Gina's blog. We are both on a postcard swap together. So worrying for you - glad you had god nws from your son.

    I'd love to do some workshops. Can you let me know when you are in Hampshre / Dorset again ? Just got back to artwork after many moons. What seems like a hundred years ago did two years fondation at Worthig art college textiles for the second year.