Friday, 9 December 2011

Artist in Action at Harrogate with Art Van Go

The story so far......I was invited by Viv and Kevin from Art Van Go to become one of their 'Artists in Action'. This is where we are allowed to play with all their art materials,fabrics , papers and a mountain of mediums. What Fun!
As I love experimenting with papers and 3D objects, I set the challenge to dress two lovely manniquins.
One Manniquinn dressed with art papers which started out as white but added brightly coloured dyes,marks and prints. The second I destroyed a magazine and reassembled it with the aid of tissue paper,gesso, paints and print.
The proccess was quite slow due to waiting for the papers to dry, so I used the wall space as my washing line!
This is the journey the dresses took over the four days, we believe 30,000 visitors came to the  four day show so there was alot of chatting between the slopping of paint and explanations of what we were up to.
Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

This dress had a swirling train  that wrapped around the base  but some how no image came out.

Detail images follows

Shortly I hope to receive images from Art Van Go from their roving photographer

Really enjoyed the show and the project.
The manniquinns are now in my Home studio and one day will dismantle the papers to re use in a sketch book or two!

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  1. Dear Jill
    First of all,wishing you another playful year!!!!!
    I LOVE your dresses!!!!!!!!
    So much work in all these papers. Your are my ultimate source of inspiration and I would love to join a class whenever you would arrange so proud over my Foxy on my wall